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Katarina Zerzan
I am Experienced Project/Program Manager responsible for 3 Development Programs & Employee Resource Group Pride EMEA Co-Lead within Dell Technologies. To enhance my skills that I’m passionate about I’ve created a podcast “Knowledge Empowers” with my friends via which we spread our knowledge about corporate worlds that not only young generation can learn from but literally anyone. The other activity close to my heart is volunteering. Joining Diversity Pro NGO enabled me to deep dive into LGBTI+ topic, organizing business forums, create and teach on Diversity & Inclusion.
 work experience:
 September 2018 Project manager in Talent Development Events team, Dell, s.r.o., Bratislava
I’m part of the team that delivers sustainable value at all levels of the organization. Deliver select Talent Development global programs in support of our employment value proposition, promoting career and development opportunities.
  • Promote awareness and buy-in from local leadership for TDE-supported programs
  • Manage communications systematically with Talent Development Events team members, learners, and stakeholders
  • Track and report on session survey scores; conduct root cause analysis for metrics below target, implementing corrective action plan to resolve
  • Budget Alignment: drive alignment, management and adherence to cross-functional budgets in support of participating leaders across & outside of Products & Operations teams
  • Continue to identify opportunities to reduce cost and improve value to the business
  • Effectively utilize our new inspire, work day, and tools relative to talent development events, conversations, development and training
  • Champion the 5 operational cultural tenets: Attention to detail, proactive/predictive, visibility, accountability/ownership, urgency
  • Deliver all talent development events for Discover Dell , GDP (Virtual region), and IDP to meet aligned demand
    • Discover Dell [2 days’ workshop for newcomers who are getting deep dive into Dell, P&O organization as such]
    • IDP & Effective Feedback (Individual Development Plan) [2 days education for managers on establishment of individual development plan for their employees as well as delivering effective feedback]
    • Interns [special one year program for interns]
    • GDP (Graduate Development program) [3 years program for fresh graduates that joined Dell]
  • Ensure all learners/facilitators consistently have the information they need to complete a training
  • Ensure the Global PMs consistently have the information they need to understand program status and performance at site(s)
  • Build and develop relationships with local leadership, IT, HR, and Facilities
  • Establish a positive and professional brand for the TPO team through all interactions with learners, executives, TPO teammates, and facilitators
  • Create a culture of Innovation in the organization
  • Encourage and support E2E collaboration, at all levels, across all stakeholders
 June 2022 ERG Pride EMEA Co-Lead
Key Responsibilities​:
  • Develop ERG’s regional strategy aligned to your ERGs global strategy
  • Lead ERG in executing regional goals, initiatives and events
  • Engage with your regional executive sponsors & request their guidance /support in planning sessions, hosting /speaking at events and assistance with resources and identifying and removing roadblocks. ( Agree on meeting cadence)​
  • Drives cross collaboration between ERGs in your region​
  • Represent your ERG internally & externally whenever possible
  • Collaboration with D&I regional lead to execute ERG strategy initiatives & events ​
  • Form strong regional team with pillar leas across all areas to support execution of the strategy​
  • Maintain your regional ERG details on D&I Central (Diverst)​
Examples of Activities​:
  • Support /host regional events for your ERG members​
  • Ensure level 1, 2 & 3 events are a focus and supported within the region and amongst their chapters​
  • Helps to recruit chapter leads/sponsors as required & update D&I central ​
  • Host and plan regional team meetings for your chapter leads​
  • Maintain regional ERG overview​
  • Connect with D&I regional POC on a monthly basis​
  • Attend your global ERG call hosted by global lead & global D&I ERG monthly call and keep chapter leads updated on all ERG policies/guidelines/updates
 January 2021 Knowledge Empowers podcast
Want to understand where to fit in corporation and learn how to navigate within? Listen to 3 corporate professionals Katarina a.k.a. Kat, Barbara a.k.a. Baruš, Matej a.k.a. Koláč - who share their knowledge and experience.

You can listen on Spotify even watch on YouTube or listen where ever you listen your podcasts.

 June 2016 - August 2018 Manager within Digital Services Group, IBM International Services Centre, s.r.o., Bratislava
  • I'm responsible for numerous teams, mostly developers and www programmers.
  • As people manager besides of traditional administration such as attendance approvals and other, is important to:
    • develop the team to increase skills, address gaps
    • implement career development plans, supporting job rotation, mentoring and shadowing
    • motivate and care
  • Diversity council coordinator
    • I'm also a leader for People with Disability Constituency within Diversity council.
      Our aim is to find talented people with special needs to join IBM as well as to train Managers, TL's and employees on PWD topic. You can read about other activities within my articles.
    • active member of LGBT Community
 March 2015 - May 2016 Manager Compliance Advocates at IBM, IBM International Services Centre, s.r.o., Bratislava
(Manager's Choice Award - 2015 program for demonstrating the Practice: Dare to Create Original Ideas
Manager’s Choice Award for demonstrating the Practice: Show Personal Interest within People with disability diversity group volunteering work)
  • Provide functional management to the CEM Advocates.
  • Implement and execute compliance and operational management system.
  • Oversee the process compliance and operational support enterprise wide in support of the CEM process.
  • Provide input on Gross versus Net report (remediation status).
  • Assist in defining, deploying and driving operational procedures based on process requirements.
  • Partner with PPMs, providing oversight and interlock to key initiatives and project.
  • Provide material and responds to RFIs, working with the SME focal, for audits and Business Controls reviews.
  • Develop the team to increase skills, address gaps, focusing on best of breed solutions.
  • Implement career development plans, supporting job rotation, mentoring and shadowing.
  • People management
  • Diversity council coordinator
 Jan. 2012 - Feb. 2015 Requirement manager & Business operation lead, IBM International Services Centre, s.r.o., Bratislava
(Manager’s Choice Award for demonstrating the Practice: Show Personal Interest
Manager’s Choice Award for demonstrating the Practice: Think, Prepare, Rehearse.)
  • Manage all Requirements within Requirement tool
  • To have good overview of all requirements
  • Score new submitted requirements
  • Collaborate with PM’s to size the requirements
  • Chair of the weekly Business Requirements & Process activities call with approximately 60 stakeholders
  • Communication with Tools owners
  • To score and size each requirement so they can be calculated into priority for Releases
  • Keep updated process for dealing EMT/PTT/Metrics Releases and it’s update + communication
  • Keep updated process for dealing with Ad Hoc Metrics requests + communication
  • Regular calls with different job roles based on responsibilities
  • Implementation of new features within Requirement tool
  • Pro-actively engage if a change requires a configuration/administration update in Requirement tool
  • Mentoring of 5 colleagues to build up their skill knowledge and their leaders potential
  • Sharing e-learning activities
  • Creation of Communication flow process
  • Mentoring Global PTT super admin to ensure she has all required skills, information and knowledge to perform the job.
  • Establish training material / checklists and rules / user guides for the local PTT admin work.
  • Pro-actively get engaged if a change requires a configuration/administration update in PTT/EMT
  • Get engaged to share PTT super admin knowledge and drive the need for keeping the tool slim and easy to use
  • Provide user admin expertise
  • Project manager advocate
  • Diversity council coordinator
 Jan. 2010 - Dec. 2011 Team Leader, IBM International Services Centre, s.r.o., Bratislava
  • Actively participating on
    • addressing issues
    • coming with proposal what can be improved
    • fill missing space in process
    • missing documentation
    • streamlining workflow and identification of duplicate work
    • cross geo training
  • Team administration (vacation, sick leaves, etc.)
  • Cooperating with other teams within all Geo's
  • Managing team targets
  • Organize training for employees
  • Working with employees on their personal development
  • Ensuring consistent communication on process
  • Resource planning
  • Organizing interviews
 May 2007 - Dec. 2009 Web production lead, IBM International Services Centre, s.r.o., Bratislava
  • Following team targets
  • Taking care of 120 clients over Europe, Africa, Middle East and Russia
  • Preparing for clients:
    • new offerings
    • financial status
    • suggestions and recommendations
  • Collaborating with production team
  • Identifying new business (or additional funding)
 April 2007 - Nov. 2008 PTT admin, IBM International Services Centre, s.r.o., Bratislava
  • user account maintenance – processing of new account and project access requests
  • offer PTT education to clients (EMEA – Europe, Middle East, Africa), provide support/feedback to them
  • project maintenance (setup/maintain new projects for other GWPS teams in EMEA – GWPS is the team I work in, stands for Global web production services) for GWPS Bratislava:
    • create accounts for newcomers, provide education
    • maintenance of user accounts (access levels, expected weekly hours)
    • deactivating old accounts (mandatory for GWPS Bratislava)
    • preserve naming policy on new projects
    • ensure that correct ICAs are used for translations
    • ensure that project managers/WPL (WPL stands for web production lead – this is the job I wanted but I got an offer for this position, WPL) keep financial information on their projects up to date
  • participate on PTT calls
  • collect and report PTT bugs
  • collect enhancement requests (process good ones and send them to Sonja – one German colleague)
  • PTT outages – inform clients of unexpected outages, make sure that WTOO (our translation office) is aware of the outage
  • And report for managers
 May 2006 - March 2007 Web developer, IBM International Services Centre, s.r.o., Bratislava
  • Web site elaboration and maintenance in line with project prepared by project manager
  • Web site elaboration and maintenance in line with web producer management
  • Web appraisal for content correctness
  • Check up with original PTT requirements and content
  • Web producer notification and developers about mistakes on the web sites
  • Responsibility for the whole quality and site correctness but not for the message quality
 feb.2004 - apr. 2006 work as a specialist for quality management, Slovak Telecom, a.s., Bratislava
  • administration of network infrastructure department
  • organizing regular monthly meetings with HoD and HoT
  • PSD Infoportal (web portal for division (3000 employees))
    • administration
    • updates
    • article publication
  • spreading communication on performance units
  • Administration of SP&A Project
    • entrance cards
    • e-mail accounts
    • technical equipment (PC, printers, ect.)
    • communication with IT
    • administration of SP&A web site and its update
- reference from Heiko Dombrowe, Head of Department (pdf, 163 KB)
 feb.2003-feb.2004 work as a clerical personnel, Slovak Telecom, a.s., Bratislava
 july 2001-oct.2002 work as a nurse assistant in Quadriplegic Centre, Shenton Park, Western Australia
 nov.1999-jun 2000 work as a teacher of theory in Goldsmith and Jewellery-Maker school in, SOU Mokrohájska 1, Bratislava
 jan.1999-dec.2002 work in private firm as a clerical personnel Bratislava
 july 1998-dec.1998
work as an Au-pair, Chalmsford, England
Diploma of Information Technology (Multimedia Integration), Perth Commercial College, Western Australia
 jan.2001-mar.2001 First Certificate, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia
 oct.2000-dec.2000 Upper Intermediate General English Course, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia
Goldsmith and Jewellery Maker school, SOU Mokrohájska 1, Bratislava
Elementary school, Dudova 4, Bratislava
therapeutic massage course, tourist guide course, Photoshop, Quark XPRESS
 courses within IBM:
  • Leading@IBM with LeadPro - Leader Foundation is intended for emerging leaders, particularly those who are candidates for a potential management or leadership role.
  • Leadership Education:
    • Coaching (all day classroom education)
    • Conflict management (half day classroom course)
    • Communication for leaders (half day classroom course)
    • BBSI - Behavior Based Structured Interviewing - training (one day classroom course + e-learning's + certificate)
    • Emotional Intelligence (half day classroom course + e-learning)
    • Stress Management (half day classroom course)
    • Interview Techniques Training - Scott & Hagget Slovakia, s.r.o. (2days classroom course)
  • Project Management:
    • The principals of Financial Management (e_learning 4h)
    • Project Management Leadership in a Project Team Environment (3days classroom course + certificate)
    • Project Management Fundamentals (3days classroom course + certificate)
    • Project Management Orentation (e_learning 16h + certificate)
  • Diversity:
    • Disabilities - workshop for Integration of People with Disabilities dedicated for managers and team leaders
      • Definition of disability
      • Categories of disability
      • Interacting with a Person with a Hearing Disability
      • Interacting with a Person with a Visual Disability
      • Interacting with a Person with a Physical/Motor Disability
      • Interacting with a Person with a Speech Disability
      • Interacting with a Person with a Psychiatric Illness (e.g. Burn out)
      • Interacting with a Person with a Cognitive/Learning Disability
    • Managing The Age Gap - Generations at work
      • An updated overview of generational facts in IBM and the trend of demographics in the workplace
      • Develop a better understanding of the generation gap and the issues it can surface at work
      • Understand and appreciate each generation perspectives, including value systems, motivators, styles and preferences
      • Challenge and overcome common generational perceptions and assumptions
      • Optimize inter-generational team communication and work through alignment of shared vision and goals that resonate across all generations
    • PLGBT - Straight Ally Program
      • aims at creating and maintaining a positive, supportive and inclusive environment for all of our employees
  • Lean Six Sigma methodologies
  • 4th: Taking the stage: Achieve a Dynamic Presence (half day classroom course)
  • 3rd: Taking the stage: Create a Strong Script (half day classroom course)
  • 2nd: Taking the Stage: Unlock the Power of your Voice! (1day classroom course)
  • 1st: Taking The Stage (1day classroom course)
  • Negotiation skills - Scott & Hagget Slovakia, s.r.o. (2days classroom course)
  • Assertive communication - Scott & Hagget Slovakia, s.r.o. (2days classroom course)
  • Teleconferences and Meetings – English course done by Canadian bilingual institute (1day classroom course)
  • Serving your internal customers (e_learning 2h)
  • e-learning:
    • Act with a systemic perspective (e_learning 1h)
    • Work/Life Integration (e_learning 2h)
    • Embrace challenge (e_learning 1h)
    • Feedback (e_learning 1h)
    • Help IBMers Succeeed (e_learning 1h)
    • Negotiation (e_learning 1h)
    • Delegation (e_learning 1h)
    • Managing your Boss (e_learning 1h)
    • Role of manager (e_learning 1h)
    • Derailment Factors (e_learning 45min)
    • Culture and Business (e_learning 1h)
    • Managing Upward (e_learning 1h)
    • Building mutual trust (e_learning 1h)
    • Meetings Management (e_learning 30min)
    • Networking (e_learning 45min)
    • Influencing others (e_learning 45min)
    • Bureaucracy (e_learning 1h)
    • Emotional Intelligence (e_learning 30min)
    • Serving your internal customers (e_learning 2h)
 IT skills: programs MS Office, Lotus Notes
  adobe: Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver (html, css),
 Aikido certification:
4th Kyu from bukiwaza and taijutsu
5th Kyu from bukiwaza and taijutsu
 hobby: drawing, art, aikido, reading, spinning