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Schloß Schönbrunn

As today is Easter Friday we've decided to go on trip not so far away from Bratislava. My sister-in-law chose to go to Vienna to take Gold Pass in Schöbrunn. Within this Gold Pass you have 9 attractions to go through. Today we've done 3 :-)

The 9 attractions are:
1st – Tour of the Palace (Grand tour)
2nd – Privy Garden (Romantic arbour)
3rd – Gloriette (Panorama terrace)
4th – Maze (Viewing platform, games for young and old)
5th – Apple Strudel Show (Demonstrations every hour, with free sample)
6th – ZOO
7th – Desert Experience House
8th – Palm House
9th – Imperial Carriage Museum

We went to the ZOO as first :-) Have a look at the pictures in below photo gallery. This was the first time in my life I’ve seen pandas. They are so cute! The most interesting part is how you can get jealous to some of the animals, well judge for your self on the bellow 2 pictures of the bear and tiger:

After hard day at work I feel exactly the same as the bear and tiger and that is all I would like to do :-D

Anyway as there is way a lot to see in the ZOO we took another attraction and that was Gloriette Panorama terrace. There is an amazing view from up there, as you can see my new banner it is taken from that place :-)

Oh not to forget to mention we had an amazing weather, it was about 26 degrees and sunny! In Schöbrunn were way too many people but thankfully the place is huge so you didn’t felt the crowd so much.

This Gold Pass ticket is valid for the whole year but you can go only once to one attraction. That means that as we were in ZOO we can’t go there we would have to pay for it again, but that doesn’t matter as we have 6 attractions to go and see :-)

Last but not least we went to Apple Strudel Show. There are also pictures in the gallery from the show too :-) Well the strudel wasn’t bad but we have different taste. But after long day walking it was nice to have something sweet :-)

Well enjoy the photos and I’ll bring another story in when we will return to Schöbrunn :-)

photo gallery