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Do you have an art school? Where did you learn to draw?

These are the 2 typical questions I'm asked almost on daily basis. And actually I never know how to answer them, cos the truth is, I do have an art school but that doesn't mean I've got the talent since I was born. At school I learnt how to draw or basically we were taught all different type of techniques where I discovered that I have passion for pencils. But throughout the years I wasn't patient enough and I always wanted to see my results within 2 hours and that's exactly how my drawings looked like.

Going back to 2011 I've found following web: and joined the first drawing course, where not only I have started to learn the patience but also to use pencils as layers. Before I just used one pencil and depending on the pressure I was putting on, that type of darkness appeared. But now I use different type of pencils from 8B to 6H to reach the result, also I don't draw a picture within 2 hours but from 15 to more hours per one picture. Good example is following drawing that I draw twice. First one within 2 hours and the second one year later on (as I started to draw almost every day) just to see the difference if I grew.

Format A4: pencils - For my colleague Padma where I've tried to draw her girls  Format A4: pencils - For my colleague Padma where I've re-draw the picture of her girls

Since 2011 I keep drawing almost every single day, even if it's just for 1 hour just to keep my hand in practice, the more I draw the better I get. My inspiration is Paul Cadden, a Scottish artist who performs Hyperrealism and that's where I'd like to bring my art to.

I truly believe this is my masterpiece. Format A4  I was inspired by the movie Hobbit, Format A3, pencils Faber-Castell: 4B, pencils Koh-i-noor: 5H, 3H, 2H, B, 2B

Besides of drawing every day and time to time attending drawing classes at (when I need to be inspired) I've attended classes with Slovak academic sculpturist Mr. Durbak who thought me perspective. Seriously one of the toughest things I've ever learnt. It took me 3 hours just to draw all the helping lines and shaping lines of still-life. Feel free to review some of the outcomes:

This is my first finished study of perspective and I have to say drawing from photos really lost my proper view on depth, height, and other aspects.  This is my second finished study of perspective and I have to say drawing from photos really lost my proper view on depth, height, and other aspects.

Besides of pencils I'm experimenting with dry pastels, where I'm inspired by my talented art friend Michael Breyette who is phenomenal in this technique. Funny thing about dry pastel is, that you feel as a part of the drawing as mostly all the work is done purely by hands and at the end not only you need to take shower but your clothes need wash too :-)

experimenting with dry pastels  experimenting with dry pastels

You may ask what drawing brings me?
Well mainly I'm learning to be patient and in these days in fast running world it's a skill person needs to learn, also it's huge relax for me as I "switch off" my brain. And maybe as last I'm bringing happiness into people lives. Why? Cos almost all my drawings have new owners who are from all over the world.

Kat (a.k.a. Mousy :-)